HERS Rating for New Construction -

A Home Energy Rating is an assessment of the energy efficiency
of a house. It is based on the construction methods and materials
used and on diagnostic testing for air-tightness and duct leakage.
A computer analysis using the house data determines the
projected heating, cooling, and water heating loads.

The rating, a score between 0 and 100, results from a
comparison of these loads to a similar house built to meet the
energy code. A score of 80 indicates that the house meets code. Each point above or
below 80 represents a 5% difference. For example, a score of 86 means the house is
30% more efficient than one built to code; a score of 77 means that it is 15% less
efficient. If your house scores an 86 or higher, it qualifies as an ENERGY STAR® house.

A Home Energy Rating also comes with detailed reports on the house’s energy usage,
indicating the biggest contributors to the heating and cooling loads. This provides a
sound basis for making cost-effective improvements.
HERS Rating
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