Air Balancing

Why Air Balance?

Are any of your rooms too hot or too cold in relevance to the entire home?  Do you
frequently change the thermostat because family members disagree on settings to stay
comfortable? Do you find that you must use supplementary heaters to keep warm in the
winter, and supplemental fans to keep cool in the summer? If so, having your air duct
system balanced might solve your comfort issues while saving you money.

The Purpose:

The purpose of air balancing is to insure all components of your heating and cooling
systems are working in harmony, at their optimum performance, providing total occupant

The Process:

Air balancing is a process of measuring and adjusting air flow to the needs of the
occupants. The first step is to make sure you are not wasting 30-40% of your air flow due
to leaky ductwork. (
See duct sealing)

The second step is to analyze the building loads (need for heating and cooling) in each
room or area.

The third step is to record the information from the equipment, and all of the supply and
return registers and grilles. By analyzing the load information the target airflow for each
register and grille is recorded. After this information is recorded the equipment is started
and the airflow through the equipment is measured as well as the static pressures
created in the duct system. This information is recorded on the form.

With the indoor blower set on the cooling speed, the measuring of the air at the registers
and grilles can begin. The airflow in cubic feet per minute is measured and recorded with
an airflow hood or a hot-wire anemometer, and recorded for each outlet and inlet. Then
damper adjustments are made to bring the system closer to the ideal and the
measurements are taken again. This is repeated until the available air is "balanced" to be
as close to the ideal as is possible. Airflow within 10% of design is considered acceptable,
and will provide great comfort. For more detailed information see
duct blasting
Air Balancing
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