Comprehensive Commercial and Residential Energy Audits

Residential Energy Audits - Michigan, Northern Ohio, Northern Indiana

A full home performance assessment includes five parts: interview, inspection, testing,
diagnosis, and prescription. During the interview, we'll ask you about your energy bills,
which rooms are too hot or too cold, if you have any trouble with humidity or moisture,
and other questions that will help us diagnose the trouble. During the inspection, we
look for problems outside such as malfunctioning gutters, improper grade, plugged
dryer vents, electrical and plumbing penetrations, etc  in the crawl space or basement
we look for incomplete or poorly defined building envelope, falling insulation, bulk
moisture, panned joists used for air distribution, etc. Inside the house our inspection
includes holes in the drywall, location of fireplaces, proper exhaust fans, if there is
adequate insulation in the sidewalls,  etc. In the attic  we look for open chases,
ventilation fans not vented to outside, disconnected ducts, proper vent and blocking,
weatherstripping around attic hatches, insulated attic hatches, proper insulation depth

Once we've got an idea of what's going on with the house, we bring out the Blower Door,
Thermal Imaging,  and Duct Blaster. These pieces of diagnostic test equipment provide
quantitative data and will often reveal problems that the first two steps didn't catch. We
also perform CAZ testing and draft testing to make sure the furnace or boiler, and gas
water heaters are not distributing dangerous levels of carbon monoxide into your home.

Once we have enough data, we can make a proper diagnosis. All the data, as well as
digital and thermal imaging photos are compiled into a comprehensive report, (usually
30+ pages) and is delivered approximately 2-3 weeks after the initial audit is conducted.

Our report contains:

Digital and Thermal Imaging Photos

Remedies to fix the home's performance problems

Remedies prioritized by health and safety issues, and cost effectiveness

Pay Back - We calculate the cost of the measure, and estimate how many  years it would
take to pay back your investment.

Savings to Investment Ratio - To put your investment into perspective, we calculate a
savings to investment ratio. This ratio demonstrates what percentage per year you are
making on your investment.

Our audits also include many other features such as ROI, Pie Charts on BTU heat loss
and heat gain, Building Air Flow calculations, and many other informative pages, to
better assist you in making an informed decision.

We do not sub contract - Our highly qualified employees can fix all
the recommended measures found in our energy audit

Our qualified staff can:

Air Seal your entire home
Insulate attic spaces
Insulate crawl spaces and basements
Insulate sidewalls
Appropriately size and install furnaces and air conditioners
Install water heaters, including tankless
Install exhaust fans
Install a Killawatt saver Power correction unit
Install doors and windows that are beyond repairing
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