Manual J Heating and Cooling Load Calculations

Heating and Cooling Load Calculations

With your busy life, you don't have time to worry about inaccurately sizing a furnace or air
conditioner. You are too busy doing things that are more important. A system that's not
correctly sized will fail sooner and require numerous callbacks. A mechanical system that is
to large (a very common problem) costs more money to purchase, and to run.  Manual J
heating and cooling load calculations are essential when installing a new heating and air
conditioning system in any building. If the system is too large, it doesn't run long enough to
be efficient or to remove moisture from the air during the cooling season. If it's too small, the
building will never be able to reach comfortable temperatures. The living room will be warm
but the upstairs bedrooms too cold in the winter. This is from improper sizing of the

If you're building a new house or installing a new heating or cooling system in an existing
house, heating and cooling load calculations are invaluable
. A whole house load
calculation, which is part of every home energy audit, determines the total amount of heating
and cooling capacity needed for the house. A room-by-room load calculation tells you how
much heating and cooling you need in each room, allowing you to properly size the ducts
that distribute the conditioned air. Don't trust a HVAC engineer that does not measure your
home, and all the windows. This information is essential to sizing the equipment properly!

Residential Furnace and Air Conditioning Replacement or New

    Manual J and Manual D Provide:

    Proper heating and cooling system selection
    HVAC duct and pipe layout and sizing (Manual D Duct Design)
    Eliminates under-sizing of HVAC equipment
    Eliminates over-sizing of HVAC equipment
    Eliminates comfort issues
    Controls humidity during the cooling season
    Evenly distributes heat in the winter increasing comfort
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