The following testimonials are from our customers
who have rated us through a third party
validation process:
"Joe and Virginia were extremely knowledgeable. They explained everything they
were doing, and were very, very patient with my many, many questions as I
accompanied them throughout the house. The final report, although delayed, was
detailed, informative and massive. It also included cost estimates for suggested
improvements (rated by priority) with estimated energy savings. Overall, we are very
pleased with the Home Energy Analysis provided by Joe and Virginia. We're also
considering their company to perform the needed improvements -- they'll do a final
infrared scan to determine if the work performed "fixed" what was needed."

Rochester, MI
"very professional and with excellent ideas for energy improvement. We initially
received a energy audit from a less expensive company and came away disappointed
as they offered very little and only seemed to be tryig to sell more insulation. Building
performance was much more thorough."

Milford, MI
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"The work was very comprehensive and professional. There was very good
professional expertise and knowledge brought to bear on the audit. Very minute
attention to detail has been provided."

Ann Arbor, MI
"The analysis was first rate, and very worthwhile. They went through the entire house
and took photos, ran tests and then provided a comprehensive report with
recommendations that were backed up by quantitative measurements and best
practices. Pie charts showed the biggest energy sinks, and the outline of
reommendations indicated costs for remediation along with projected energy savings
so that you can make decisions about what to do first. They also file for your energy
credit with DTE and advise regarding tax credits on federal returns. The analysis
provided information that I can take to my furnace installer to request reimbursement
for work that was done incorrectly. They can make arrangements to do the work, or you
can take the report to get estimates from others to get the work done. The process was
extremely educational. Once remediation is complete, they can also design and install
solar panel systems for further energy savings. They are first rate. "

Ann Arbor Michigan  
"We have just completed the evaluation phase, the final results will be given to us in a
week or two. At this point, we have been exceedingly happy w/the result and are
looking forward to the report. Joe and Virginia were friendly, knowledgeable and
professional. It is nice to have a company on the front edge of the energy crisis in

Essexville, MI

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